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Elvis Presley longed to learn of God’s plan for him. One night, God finally revealed it. Four decades on, that plan is coming to a bloody end...

Orphaned by an accident he feels responsible for, gossip magazine owner Jimmy O’Neill remains haunted by it in adulthood. Now he’s on the brink of losing the one thing his parents bequeathed him – the family business. To save it, Jimmy faces a race against time to discover the valuable secret his ex-CIA grandad planned to divulge before his untimely death. All he has to go on are two dog-eared books, which he learns belonged to Elvis Presley and have been missing since his death. A death his grandad may just have had a hand in.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the relentless rain in the West of Ireland, Jimmy’s quest to dig up the truth for the scoop of the century draws in blackmail, betrayal, and a broad cast of colourful characters, including an Elvis obsessive who dresses as his hero each day (including rhinestone jumpsuits on a Monday), a psychotic gangster who parodies an Italian accent to sound like The Godfather, and the world’s foremost music mogul, whose devilish secrets an avenging angel longs to expose.

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